Erythroxylum Catuaba is an enthusiastic developing, little tree that creates yellow and orange blossoms and small, dull yellow, oval-formed, inedible natural product. This Catuaba tree fits in with the family Erythroxylaceae, whose original class, Erythroxylum, contains a few species that are sources of cocaine. Catuaba, in any case, contains none of the dynamic cocaine alkaloids.

These trees are local to the Brazilian woods. Brazilians prefer toward these two species, yet different assortments that are altogether several trees have been collected and imported into the United States. A mixture of the bark is utilized as a part of traditional Brazilian herbalism as a sexual enhancer such as and as a stimulant for the focal nervous system, basically to treat erectile dysfunction and disorders the focal nervous system. It is usually utilized as a part of the mix with Muira Puama (see beneath) for its aphrodisiac properties, and mixes agreeably with the dried leaves of Yerba Maté (Ilex paraguariensis), a South American evergreen tree, which give it somewhat sensual help.

Catuaba is the most popular of the Brazilian aphrodisiac plants, noted for its the capacity to reinforce erections. Catuaba is a sexual enhancer like Muira Pauma Bark Extract that is helpful in the treatment of impotence and prostatitis and has been examined for possible advantages as a defensive against deft disease in HIV/AIDS.

This herb particularly awakens the male organs, but at the same time it is exceptionally viewed as having a relative impact for ladies. In addition to these physiological effects, it additionally appears to stir the sexual representation focuses in the brain, bringing about the reestablishment of center of-the-night "honeymooner" love. There is thought to be an association between the initiation of this wonder and one's left-brain right-brain communication and productive potential.


  • increases libido
  • relieves pain
  • calms nerves
  • kills microscopic organisms
  • reduces uneasiness
  • kills infections
  • dilates veins
  • relaxes veins.

Catuba Bark


Catuaba is reported to improve the capacity to manage erections and to help the desire in both men and ladies. Sexual capacity is accepted to be improved in light of the incitement of the sensory system by specific alkaloids present in Catuaba.

clinical trials

There have been no clinical trials on catawba's activity as a sexual enhancer, yet it is notoriety and use by numerous eras of Brazilian locals demonstrates that there are to be sure some aphrodisiac quality to Catuaba.


Catuaba has been utilized as a sex enhancer and as a cure for male impotence in Brazil for eras. A surely understood Brazilian legend expresses that "before a man achieves sixty, the youngster has a place with him, after sixty the child is catawba's."


There are no exact s side effects known, but since the utilization of Catuaba in Western culture is recent, there is little data accessible about its long long-term wellbeing, yet as with numerous well-known aphrodisiacs, adulteration is of real concern. Catuaba is viewed as an "innocent" aphrodisiac, which means no adverse side effects have been accounted for in its utilization. Use alert while purchasing Catuaba, the bark of a broad range of trees is advertised under this exceptionally cool name.